We provide low-income families and nonprofits with; Computers, Tablets, Smartphones, The repair of these devices and classes focused on teaching how these devices work. By providing these services, we hope to close the gap in the digital divide, providing access to educational, professional and social resources

our mission:

*Major holidays & inclement weather may affect normal class schedule 

Interactive Science:
Will focus on teaching ages 10-13 about basic science (force,
motion, simple machines using a hands-on approach) (K'nex, Legos)
Computers 101:
Will teach about computers, the parts inside them & how they work
Computers 102:
Will show how to install PC operating systems

315-879-4404       Donate your computer,  smartphone or tablet

Young Learners:
will focus on teaching ages 7-10 about programming using fun games
Adult and Teen Basic Internet Safety:
Will focus on showing the difference between safe and unsafe Internet habits
and offer tips/ advice on how to protect your PC