We provide low-income families and nonprofits with; Computers, Tablets, Smartphones, The repair of these devices and classes focused on teaching how these devices work. By providing these services, we hope to close the gap in the digital divide, providing access to educational, professional and social resources

our mission:

315-879-4404       Donate your computer,  smartphone or tablet

Education Centers 

Our education centers teach topics related to basic computer skills, online safety, Math, English, Programming, Keyboarding, Job Skills, Resume building. We will also hold advanced computer classes.

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We always welcome college students in the fields of human services or Information Technology. You can apply your learning to real-life scenarios, performing computer repairs or helping with intake forms and learning more about needs assessments and surveys.

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4:10 Shield 

To further help the community, we offer a program that monitors and protects your computer. This program lets us know the health of your pc, keep viruses at bay and more! $40 a year.

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